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What is PEGASUS ? Is this in your phone ? Know everything about Pegasus

Phone tapping and message hacking
An important report related to phone tapping and message hacking has taken
sleep to the big celebrities of many countries. Washington Post and London
Guardian have claimed in a report that phones of many eminent people in
India were tapped and WhatsApp messages were hacked.

In this, many central ministers and Supreme Court judges have also been said
to be involved, many chief journalists of India have also been told to be
involved and the name of the software that has been told behind all this is

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Pegasus is a spyware of an Israel software firm, it is used for the purpose of
espionage all over the world. This is not the first time that the name of Pegasus
has come up for spying. Before this, the governments of other countries have
been accused of using this software.

In the year 2017, the government of Mexico was also accused of doing this
software. Then the New York Times had told that with the help of this
software, the Government of Mexico has made software for spying on mobile

It was being used against human rights activists, journalists and anti-corruption
activists in Mexico. In the year 2019, many journalists and ministers were spied
on Whats app chats around the world.

In this, Indian journalists and some social workers were also victims of this
software. The Whatsapp itself told about the hacking of the whatsapp, then
WhatsApp said that video calling was done for spying and software named
Pegasus was used.

What is Pegasus software and how does it hack our phone?

What is Pegasus software and how does it hack our phone?

Pegasus is made by Israel’s Cyber Technology Company. The full names of the
company are Never, Shlawe and Omri, they are named after the founder of
this company.

Pegasus is a type of spyware, spyware means spy software. This software is
considered to be the world’s most dangerous spy software, this software can
also hack Android and iOS operating system. This software can be installed on
the phone without the knowledge and permission of the user and once
installed, this software cannot be easily removed.

This software can closely monitor the personal data of any user such as
passwords, contact list, calendar, messages, microphone, camera and also
specializes in tracking the calling features of other messaging apps.

With the help of this software, the user’s GPS location is also hacked. Hackers
sometimes resort to links to get this software installed in the user’s mobile, but
in the case of WhatsApp, they take the help of the calling feature to get this
software installed in the user’s mobile.

According to a report, this software is installed by giving a missed call on the
whats app, but in all cases, the company says that their software is only for
government use.

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