Bakrid 2021 is about to come, and we are going to tell you why Bakrid is
celebrated and what are the reasons why every Muslim believes that
Bakrid is the main reason for celebrating Bakrid with great pomp,
and it comes after 210 days of EID.

This thing is from thousands of years ago Allah used to love his
dearest fellow (Prophet) Hazrat Ali Ibrahim very much, but the
righteous man whom Allah loves the most always keeps taking
examinations from him from time to time. In the same way Allah also
takes a test from his noble fellow, Hazrat Ali Ibrahim.

One day Hazrat Ali Ibrahim was taking rest, then he got a message
from Allah in his dream, and in that message, Allah told Ibrahim that
you have to sacrifice the most beloved of you, in my path.

When the morning came, Ibrahim thought that Allah came in his
dreams and that dream can never go wrong, so to fulfill Allah’s wish,
he sacrificed his 100 camels to please Allah.


Ibrahim happily slept at night, but again the order of Allah came in
Ibrahim’s dream that you should sacrifice your dearest one in my
way. When the next morning came again, Hazrat Ali Ibrahim again
sacrificed his 200 camels.

Ali Ibrahim again receives the message of Allah that you should
sacrifice your dearest one for me. Then the next morning Ali Ibrahim
started thinking, then he realized that my most beloved one is my
son Ismile.

When this thing came to Ibrahim’s mind, he started thinking that he
agreed to sacrifice his son Ismile, and he told his Begum Hazra that
Begum Hazra You dress up my son, dress him up like a bridegroom
with perfume.

Ibrahim said to Hazra that today we will go to Dabat to our friend’s
house. After preparing the story, Hazrat Ali Ibrahim walked from
Palestine towards Mecca with his family, then a devil came in their


Devil said to Hazra that do you know that your husband is going to
sacrifice your beloved son Ismile, than hazara told to devil, why
would a father sacrifice his son I know Ibrahim very well, then devil
Said to Hazra that Allah came to Ibrahim’s dreams and he is asking
Ibrahim for his most precious thing, so after hearing this, Hazra said,
to devil , if I have to sacrifice thousands of things in the way of Allah,
then I will surely sacrifice.

Then the devil came to Simile and said, do you know that your father
is going to sacrifice you? For Allaha then smile said by laughing, it
will be a very great honour for me.

The devil comes to Hazrat Ibrahim and says will your son’s sacrifice
be accepted or not, then Hazrat Ali Ibrahim throws a stone towards
the devil, and it is said that at the time of Mecca people killed the
Devil by throwing stones.

Hazrat Ibrahim comes to his son Smile and says that I am going to
sacrifice you for Allah. Ismile says I accept but I want you to tie my
hands and feet well and put a bandage on your eyes because you will
not see me in agony? Hazrat Ibrahi does this and looks at the sky and
says to Allah, if you would have given me thousands of Ismile, I
would have sacrificed all your life.

As Hazrat Ali Ibrahim goes to sacrifice his son, a lamb comes in place
of his son who was sent by Allah, and the lamb is sacrificed when
Ibrahim opens his eyes and sees that his son is alive.
He was successful in this test and Allah said that till the end of the
world, your good hearts will remember what you have for Allah, and people will sacrifice for Allah, and since then this process of Bakrid

Bakrid in India 2021 calender
The Bakrid will begin in India in the evening of Tuesday, 20 July and
ends in the evening of Wednesday, 20 July. The public holiday will be
on 20 July Bakrid 2021. Eid al-Adha also called Bakrid.

Bakrid 2021 in Saudi
Bakrid will begin in Saudi in the evening of Monday, 19 July and ends
in the evening of Friday, 23 July. The public holiday will be from
Wednesday, 14 July to Saturday, 24 July.

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