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West Bengal lockdown extended Covid-19 restrictions extended till 15 June | Examination

Kolkata: Secondary examination will be held in August in Corona and higher secondary examination will be held in July. This was announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the occasion. “The high school exams are in the last week of July,” he said. Secondary examination in the second week of August. West Bengal lockdown extended till 15 june.


He informed that the secondary-higher secondary examination will be held in one and a half hours. He said, ‘Higher secondary will have 15 compulsory subjects. The rest of the subject numbers are based on school exams. ‘

The Chief Minister said that the secondary examination will be held in his own school. He said, ‘Secondary examination will be held in his own school. Madhyami will be tested in 8 main subjects. Candidates will be given marks on the basis of school examinations in the remaining subjects. The 3 hour exam will be in one and a half hours. ‘

West Bengal lockdown

Last Thursday, the state had hinted that the secondary and higher secondary would not be canceled even if the second wave of corona raged in the state along with the entire country. The government decided to take secondary and higher secondary to reduce the infection.

West Bengal lockdown news

Education Minister Bratya Basu took charge of the office on the 14th. He held meetings with the Board of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Secondary Education. He later said that the pair will be tested if the corona is reduced. He said that when Corona came under control, he would talk to the Chief Minister and the schedule of examinations would be fixed by the Board and Parliament.

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West Bengal exam, west bengal lockdown date

The number of secondary candidates in 2021 is about 12 lakh. 7 lakh higher secondary candidates.

Secondary in the state is in the month of February. High school in March. Corona was scheduled to go back to secondary from 1 to 10 June. Higher secondary from 15th June.

But when people are under house arrest again in the second wave of Corona, how can 2 million candidates go to the test center and take the test? It creates uncertainty.

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West Bengal lockdown news

The board said it was not possible to take the test in June. The Speaker of the Parliament said that the higher secondary will also fall behind the secondary. On the 15th, the Chief Secretary informed that the proposed secondary and higher secondary is not happening in June. Last Thursday, the government announced that the corona would be reduced to double tests.

West Bengal lockdown extended

The parliament has already informed that the higher secondary examination will be held in one’s own school. But according to the board, it is not possible to take the secondary in one’s own school due to infrastructural reasons. Safe homes are being built in different schools on him.

west bengal lockdown date

Multiple choices are a big part of secondary and higher secondary questions, so the idea of ​​sitting at home and taking exams is in question. According to sources, it is not possible to take the exams of about 20 lakh candidates online.

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