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Can weight loss only by exercise? If this doubt is in your mind, then your confusion will be removed today, know how ?

Weight loss tips: People who spend an hour in the gym but do not stop eating their favorite food and think that by doing this you lose weight easily. Then both your desire and hard work can be wasted. You should weight loss diet also.

weight loss diet

How easy it is to lose weight can only be guessed by those who have gone through this process. Overall, a reduction in calorie intake is necessary for weight loss. That means eating less and burning more and more calories. It should be said that if you keep your diet. The same and exercise for one hour, can you reduce your calorie intake? Do you think the same? People who spend an hour in the gym but do not stop eating their favorite food. think that if you lose weight easily by doing so, then both your desire and hard work can be wasted.

These two things are necessary to lose weight

Diet and exercise is very important in successfully achieving a weight loss plan. If you ignore any one of these, then you will not be able to lose your weight effectively. Exercising definitely improves your fitness but when it comes to losing weight, dieting becomes equally important.

Intense workout may help you lose weight in the beginning, but you will lose a lot of weight soon. Therefore, what kind of exercise you are doing is also important.

How can the weight be reduced

According to research published in Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, a person can lose 0–1 percent from residency training, 0–3 percent from aerobic exercise, 0–3 percent from both aerobic and residency training. Yes, dieting and aerobic exercise combined together helps in reducing weight by 5-10 percent.

What is the right way to lose weight

If you exercise and do not give up your same unhealthy eating habits at all. Then all your weight loss efforts and plans will be in vain. If you continue to eat high-calorie foods and continue exercising. Then you will regain the same calories as the calories burned. In this way, your weight will increase or you will not be able to lose as much weight as you should. Exercise and dieting go together for weight loss when we talk about weight loss. You cannot reach your weight loss goal by just following one.

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