Monday, September 27, 2021

TESLA STOCK: Tesla shares will be worth Rs 2.17 lakh by 2025! Due to these reasons, there may be a jump of 347%

Tesla share price today on nasdaq has increased by 671 percent in the last one year and according to an estimate, in the next four years by 2025, its price can reach Rs 2.17 lakh per share with a rise of 347 percent. Despite the Corona epidemic, the wealth of many businessmen around the world increased greatly and one of the reasons for this was the rise in the stock of their companies.

The share price of Tesla, the company of the world’s second richest person, Elon Musk, has risen 671 percent in the last one year and is currently at US $ 670 (Rs 48,544.38) per share. The pace of Tesla’s shares is not going to stop here, but according to Cathy Wood’s ARK Invest, in the next four years till 2025, its price can reach 3 thousand dollars (Rs 2,17,362.90) per share with a rise of 347 percent.

However, Tesla’s share price has declined this year. So far this year in 2021, its price has fallen by 8 percent and it is underperforming on the NASDAQ Composite Index. Kathy Wood’s ARK did not consider bitcoin in its estimate. Tesla has bought $150 million worth of bitcoin and ARK has not included it in its assessment of the impact it will have on the stock price. Know more tesla stock price today on nasdaq.

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Tesla shares may jump on this basis

TESLA STOCK: Tesla shares will be worth

• In a post on ARK Invest’s website, it has been estimated that Tesla’s shares in the base scenario could touch the level of $ 3,000 by 2025.

According to ARK Invest, there is only a 25 percent chance (beer case) that its price will be lower than expected and reach only $ 1500. In the bull case for Tesla’s stock, the target has been kept at $ 4 thousand per share. In the base case scenario, ARK Invest estimates that Tesla will sell 5 million cars and in the bull case 10 million cars will be sold.

• ARK Investment Management LLC estimates that there is a 50 percent chance that Tesla will start delivering fully automatic cars within the next five years. ARK believes that robotics is soon going to become a reality. If Tesla is successful in this, then the company will allocate additional cash to increase its manufacturing capacity.

According to estimates, Tesla will generate an additional $16 trillion in 2025 under EBITDA (Earning Before Interest Tax Depreciation Amortization) if the company makes 60 percent of its vehicles equipped with autopilot.

• ARK speculates in Bear Case that the company may launch such cars first, which require a human driver, in preparation for robotic service. This will increase the company’s profit and increase its price target by an additional $ 500. This means that if the company is not able to start autonomous service, the human-driven ride-hail network will stop the fall in its revenue and the target for the company’s share price will increase by another $ 500.

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