TATA MOTORS decides to invest Rs 22,400 crore in Jaguar Land Rovers in future, may be ten models of electric vehicles will be launched by 2025

Tata Motors company is ready to invest Rs 22,400 crore in Jaguar Land Rovers in this year 2021. The tata motor company is preparing, working hard and focus to raise capital for its electric vehicles business. The Tata Motors company has in mind set to increase the share of electric vehicles in its future sales to 25 per cent. At present time scenario it is only 2 percent.

The company’s chairman N Chandrasekaran told to the company’s shareholders during the virtual AGM meeting that was conducted during the financial year of 2020-21, Tata Motors had invested Rs 19,800 crore in Jaguar Land Rovers. But according to the situation of the current financial scenario, an investment target of Rs 22,400 crore has been set by the Tata motors company.

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The company will invest in hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Chandrasekaran also said that the Tata motors company is set to investing in hydrogen-fueled vehicles. He said the company was investing in hydrogen and has received orders for 15 hydrogen fueled vehicles from Indian Oil. For the trail stage the company Tata motors has aslo made several vehicles for checking purpose. We are working on it and for this a long term plan should be needed.

By the end of 2025 Tata motors will launches ten models of vehicles.

Chandrasekaran said that its a very ambitious program to set a target for electric vehicles by Tata motors. He said that company wants to increases their 25 percent of sell by the electric vehicles. There is only two percent at present scenario. Before the end of the 2025 the company Tata motors will set to made ten electric vehicles.

Apart from cars, Tata motor company will also make electric commercial scooter/vehicles for the Indian citizen. He also said that the company will also set up a battery business for the electric vehicle which will be separate. The company is also set with the mind to increasing the charging vehicles stations in different cities. It intends to build more than 1000 electric charging stations in the next few years in many different cities of India. For this, The tata power is set with the plans for this manufactures in 25 cities.

Investor confidence remains intact with the Company although it is in loss.

TATA MOTORS decides to invest Rs 22,400 crore in Jaguar Land Rovers

The company is suffering from the huge amount of loss Rs 4,450.92 crore in the first quarter of 2021-22. According to the Tata Motors result of 26 July 2021. However the loss of Rs 8,437.99 crore is much less than the previous. It must be noted by the company that during the first quarter of the last financial year, the lockdown started which affects the sells of the electric vehicles which almost came to a standstill. During the lockdown period there is a huge loss of shares for the tata motors.

Due to the hard work and focus,the company’s revenue suddenly got increased to Rs 66,406 crore , which is more than double the revenue of Rs 31,983 crore in the same period last fiscal. It is clear to everyone that the investors have faith in it, with the increase in the price of its shares.

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