Raj Kundra case news live updates: Raj Kundra sent to police custody till July 23

Raj Kundra had opened many secrets, he spoke many secrets about his ex-wife and Shilpa Shetty. Raj kundra arrested for pornography by Mumbai police.

Raj Kundra news, husband of Bollywood’s famous actress Shilpa Shetty, has been arrested by the Mumbai Police, he is accused of making a porn film.
Mumbai Police has arrested 11 people including Kundra on Monday night. Raj Kundra is always surrounded by lots of arguments about things from business to married life. He also has arguments with his ex- wife, Kavita.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is Raj Kundra’s second wife, Raj Kundra has also given the reason for his divorce from his first wife, he said that Kavita had an affair with her sister’s husband, that’s why Raj Kundra divorced Kavita.

Raj Kundra told that she used to live with his mother, his father, his sister and her husband in the same house as he was getting settled in the UK. Meanwhile, Kavita had come closer to my sister’s husband and used to spend more time with her. Raj Kundra told that his mother, father and even the driver also told him that something was going on with both Kavita and my sister’s husband. But Kundra told that he did not pay attention to anyone, then his sister and her husband came back to India because living together was not doing any good at home.


When Kundra Found a Phone of Kavita

When Raj Kundra’s brother-in-law came back to India, his sister was very happy because both used to go to work together with Kavita and her brother-in-law and lived together in the room. When Raj came to know that Kavita was pregnant, he was very happy. Kundra had a daughter from Kavita.

When those people came home, Kavita started spending more time in the bathroom, Raj felt that maybe it was because of her Delivery Kundra told that one day his sister got a second phone of his husband and she called to raj from India in which her sister told that her husband has received a lot of lovely messages from another mobile number which is from uk, so Raj took that number from his sister and then raj took help from their friends to find out the owner of the number, it came to know that the number belonged to Kavita, then Raj’s heart was completely broken.

Raj Kundra case news live updates: Raj Kundra sent to police custody till July 23

Raj Kundra also told that one day when Kavita went shopping, she found Kavita’s phone in the bathroom, when she opened the phone, there were many messages from her brother-in-law’s side. The day cried a lot, then Raj told his sister that the UK number belongs to his ex-wife kavita due to which his pregnant sister was also heartbroken after hearing that she also did not want to stay with her husband.
Raj Kundra came to India and left his ex-wife Kavita with his 40-day-old daughter and brought home his sister and their child.

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