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Mother keeps daughter locked in suitcase to save her from rape in this country

There are many strange places and people around the world, about whom we get to hear every day. But there is also a country in this where women keep their daughters locked in suitcases to protect them from rapists. Here women are forced to lead the life of hell.

Although it is not at all that in this country where incidents of rape of girls are common, then the life of men will be very happy. Once here a man was killed just because he was working in a government job. Let’s know about this country‚Ķ

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Which country is it?
Here we are talking about Afghanistan where the people and the government are once again troubled by the atrocities of the Taliban. Recently, the issue of Taliban in Afghanistan has heated up globally. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s female politician Thanka Barakzai has told about the condition of women in Afghanistan, how insecure women are there.

Where there are no laws regarding women. Thanks told that even today women are considered less than men. Along with this, a small mistake of women is punished with death or dreadful punishment.

Thanks told that here women come out of the house that their troubles start. He further told that even small girls are not safe here. Many cases of women and girls being kept as sex slaves often come to the fore here.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban go from house to house and kidnap girls and women. After which they are raped by making them sex slaves, and they are left to wander from door to door after getting pregnant. In view of this situation, the mothers hide their daughters in suitcases, so that the eyes of the Taliban do not fall on their daughters.

For a long time, women have to fight for their rights (Rights of Women). For many centuries, women had to face problems due to being considered inferior to men. However, now the condition of women has improved a bit. But there are many such countries, where women still have to face the Worst Countries for Women. It also includes Afghanistan. In this Muslim country, a woman is given a terrible punishment for a small mistake. Apart from this, women are kept as sex slaves here.

Mother keeps daughter locked in suitcase to save her from rape in this country

Shukriya, a female politician from Afghanistan, told the world about the dreadful condition of women in this country. He told that as soon as the woman steps outside the house here, her troubles start. Here the eyes of the Taliban are on every woman. Not only women but even girls are not safe here. They are also kidnapped and made sex slaves. To be born here as a woman means to suffer hell.

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