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Love-mantra that brings smile on his face , 100 Love Tips

Love is such a unique and pleasant feeling, which can outweigh all the troubles of life. At the same time, fluctuations in any relationship are also common. Before the ups and downs spoil your relationship, you can take care of some such things, which can serve to boost your love life. This is the reason that in this article of News Darshan we have brought more than 100 love tips for you. So definitely read this article and try our love tips.

So, let us read directly the love tips that keep love alive.

Top 100 love tips to keep your love
Below are the best love tips for boys and girls. Apart from this, we have also described here how to impress boys. By adopting these tips, you can keep your love young. Now read further

  1. One of the first tips for maintaining love in any relationship is true love. If you will truly love your partner, then believe me, you will never part with it.
  2. If someone loves you, always respect them. This will never cause a rift in your relationship.
  3. Partners also need to be sensible to increase love in relationships. If a couple are intelligent, then there are less problems between them.
  4. One must give time to each other to increase love. This will strengthen the bonding.
  5. Trust is also very important for love. A partner must always trust his partner.
  6. Keep talking romantic with your partner, this will make them feel your love.
  7. If you are unable to share your filings due to your busy schedule, you can leave a note for your partner. They will definitely get pleasure from reading it and their love for you will definitely increase.
  8. Avoid removing flaws inside each other. Also try never to create misunderstanding among you.
  9. Understanding each other’s problem is also a love tips.
  10. Never quarrel with each other to uphold the love in your relationship. If your partner is angry too, refuse it.
  11. Try to understand the nature of your partner. This will never bring tension between you and love will remain.
  12. It is also necessary to know about the partner’s likes and dislikes to increase love among themselves.
  13. You should always be confident about your filings. It is very important for a successful relationship.
  14. Keep changing your lifestyle. This is very important for a relationship. If you continue to live the same life, it can make your partner bored.
  15. Love relationship tips also include surprise plans. If you make a surprise plan for your partner, it will make them happy.
  16. From time to time, share your filings with each other. This will keep your love between you always fresh.
  17. Always give importance to each other’s favorite things.
  18. Never doubt your partner.
  19. Do not hide anything from your partner, share everything among themselves.
  20. Do not argue on any trivial matter. This can cause a rift in the relationship.
  21. Always make your partner special fill. This will keep the love between you.
  22. Keep meeting each other’s small wishes. This love tips will increase your love further.
  23. Do not be angry with your partner. If you find anything bad about them, ignore it or talk to each other with love and solve it.
  24. If your partner is upset, give him a hug and listen to him and make sure that you are with him in every situation.
  25. You can sing your partner’s favorite songs by singing them, this will make them feel good.
  26. Never hide your past from your partner. Keep telling him everything, this will awaken his confidence in you.
  27. If ever you identify your partner with your friends, then do it better. It will be better if love is recognized by expressing it. This will increase their respect for you.
  28. Give some space to your partner. This will increase confidence.
  29. Try to dress as per your partner’s choice. The color clothes they like or the style they like, can be prepared according to that.
  30. You can also express your love through social media status.
  31. Give your girlfriend / wife freedom of everything. Like – what to wear them, where to go and how long to come. With this, she will not consider you as a narrow-minded person.
  32. Keep referencing your girlfriend / wife from time to time. This will make them happy.
  33. Always support your girlfriend / wife. This will increase their heart and deep trust and love towards you.
  34. If you are staying away from your partner for any reason, always talk to them on the phone. You can also send them a video call or a romantic message.
  35. Always keep praising their beauty.
  36. If the girlfriend / wife likes to watch the movie, then show them the movie of their choice.
  37. Put a picture of your girlfriend / wife in your purse. This will deepen your love.
  38. If you ever want to receive your girlfriend / wife, then take care of time.
  39. Keep reading
  40. Include them equally in every decision you make. This will maintain the sweetness in the relationship.
  41. Pay attention to your girlfriend / wife as well as their family.
  42. Be sure to remember the good moments spent with your partner.
  43. Never leave a partner alone in trouble.
  44. Take time out of your busy life to express your love.
  45. You can also give a bouquet of flowers to your girlfriend / wife. Women are more fond of flowers. She will be happy after receiving such gifts.
  46. Always appreciate the feelings of your girlfriend / wife. If you don’t like anything about them, listen to them to keep them happy too.
  47. Whenever they need help and do their help first.
  48. If your wife is doing household chores alone, go and share your hands. This will increase love.
  49. Be sure to meet your girlfriend / wife’s expectations. This will make them realize that they are very important for you.
  50. If you are away from your girlfriend / wife, then send them your video, this will keep your relationship strong.
  51. If you have a distance relationship, then meet the partner frequently.
  52. Take care of your girlfriends / wife’s smallest things. This to make the relationship stronger
    Is very important.
  53. If you are walking somewhere on the road, then hold their hand.
  54. Always keep girlfriend / wife happy. Make them realize that you always want to see them happy.
  55. Always be loyal to your partner.
  56. If ever there is a debate on anything, forget it and try to convince each other.
  57. Always remember the girlfriend’s birthday and give her maximum time on that day.
  58. If your girlfriend / wife does any fast for you, then join her.
  59. You should keep a cute nick name and call them. Keep in mind that the name should be such that they will see your love.
  60. You should not force any decision on your girlfriend / wife. This may make them feel suffocated and may even reduce their love for you.
  61. If possible, always keep a photo of your girlfriend / wife on your phone wallpaper. Continue reading
  62. Periodically feed your boyfriends the food of their choice. This is a great love tips.
  63. Do not always speak your own words, give the partner a chance to speak and listen to their talk as well.
  64. If your husband is tired of the office, treat him with love.
  65. Often, boys surprise girls, but when women make a surprise plan for their love, then the love in the relationship increases.
  66. If your boyfriend / husband talks to a woman, do not burn, keep trust.
  67. You always keep yourself fit and attractive. This will increase their love towards you.
  68. Make yourself self-sufficient. If your boyfriend / husband never comes to you for help, don’t be angry with them.
  69. Make yourself a little less demanding so that your boyfriend / husband does not feel that you are wasting money.
  70. Give your boyfriend / husband a little space as well, do not check their phone frequently.
  71. Sometimes it can happen that your husband does what you think is wrong. Do not leave such a situation with them. Always support them. Even if they later explain that thing to them with love. This will not cause bitterness in the relationship.
  72. Do not try to change your boyfriend / husband. Love them as they are.
  73. Never let ego get in the middle of relationships. This spoils good relationships.
  74. You should also give importance to your boyfriend / husband’s choice. It has often been seen that boys like to watch matches, so you must watch with them.
  75. Always try to share the responsibilities of your boyfriend / husband. This will not keep them busy. This will allow time for love between you.
  76. You respect your boyfriend / husband’s family as much as you do your family. It is also an important link for strong relationships.
  77. Try to be your boyfriend / husband’s friend. This will help maintain transparency in the relationship.
  78. Never compare your boyfriend / husband to someone else’s boyfriend / husband. This makes good relationships unnecessarily bad.
  79. Do not hide anything from your boyfriend / husband. A small lie can create a rift in a strong relationship.
  80. Always support your boyfriend / husband in their career.
  81. If your boyfriend / husband is angry at anything, then act wisely there. Try to calm their anger first.
  82. If your boyfriend / husband is under stress due to work pressure, try to share their troubles.
  83. Never ask your boyfriend / husband for something which is not in their budget.
  84. Women are the Lakshmi of the house, so always keep the atmosphere of the house happy. This will also sweeten the relationship.
  85. If your boyfriend / husband is unable to call or message due to busyness, then you must ask about their condition.
  86. Never ask unnecessary questions from your boyfriend / husband. Especially do not quarrel with any third in your life.
  87. If your boyfriend / husband is angry with you about something, then refuse it immediately. This will make them realize your love too.
  88. If the partner ever has to face financial troubles, then fully support them in it.
    Always try to have food with your husband. If they ever come home late, wait for them to come.
  89. From time to time, Puck will keep on doing something new at home to reveal his filings and make him feel his love.
  90. Always give each other a hug of magic, love grows in it.
    Know how to romance
  91. From time to time, you can go out with your partner or to go to any romantic places.From time to time, you can go out with your partner or to go to any romantic places.
  92. Always give a gift to your partner. This will always make them happy.
  93. You can also kiss their head to show love.
  94. You can also express your love by holding your partner in your arms.
  95. Keep flirting from time to time. This increases the romance between the couples.
  96. Sometimes you can also play a fun-filled game with your partner, such as tickling, lifting on your lap, etc. This will increase the attitudes between you.
  97. Keep saying I love you from time to time. This makes one feel loved from time to time.
  98. You can also romance your partner in arms by talking.
  99. You can also dance with them to express your love.
  100. Take the opportunity out of your busy schedule and spend quality time.
  101. Watch a romantic movie together. This will also increase the love between you.
  102. If you have a large family and do not get the time for romance, then definitely go out for a few days. For this you can choose a hill station.

We hope that the love tips given in this article will help in strengthening your relationship. All that is needed is for you to take some time out of your busy life and give it to your partner. Then see, how much the love between you will be blossomed. So what are you waiting for, try these love tips and give new color to your life, so that there is never any problem in it. Contact us for more love tips

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