Friendship Day 2021 Date: Friendship Day will be celebrated in India on August 1, know how the celebration started

Friendship Day 2021 Date in India (When is Friendship Day 2021): Friendship is celebrated on Sunday, which doubles the enthusiasm of people.

Friendship Day 2021 Date in India: Friendship Day is celebrated in the country on the first Sunday of August which will be celebrated on 1st of this year. From children to elders eagerly wait for this day so that they can tell their importance to their friends. This occasion of friendship day is special for every human being. It is said that the relationship of friendship is the only relationship that people make with themselves. Not of blood, but the hearts of friends are connected to each other. In every phase of life, in sorrow and happiness, friendship is necessary to share things with each other. Friendship Day is celebrated on different days in many countries of the world. On this special occasion, people send messages to each other, give gifts and sometimes even party. Let us know in detail –

When is friendship day 2021 in india : In India, where this day of friendship is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August, in the same way, Friendship Day is celebrated on this day in Malaysia. There is a tradition of celebrating this day in other parts of the world as well, celebrated on 14 July in Venezuela, Mexico, Estonia, Mexico and Ecuador. Friendship Day is celebrated in Pakistan on 19th July. In Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Uruguay, this day is celebrated on 20 July. Apart from this, this special day is celebrated on 23 July in Bolivia and 30 July in Finland.

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How people celebrate this day
Friendship is celebrated on Sunday, due to which the enthusiasm of the people is doubled. This is because most people enjoy the holiday on the weekend.

Friendship Day 2021 Date: Friendship Day will be celebrated in India

In such a situation, due to the fall of Friendship Day on Sunday, it became a pleasant thing for people to sleep in. On this day friends give greeting cards, gifts and friendship bands to each other. Along with this, they also promise to keep friendship with their friends for life. To celebrate this day, people can plan to watch a movie or have dinner with their friends and colleagues.

When did it start for the first time : It is believed that in 1935, a man was murdered by the US government. As soon as his friend came to know about this, his friend also committed suicide after getting hurt. Since then the US government has announced to celebrate this day as Friendship Day. At the same time, according to another story, in 1930, a businessman named Joes Hall started celebrating Friendship Day by giving gifts and cards to his friends.

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