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Frank Kameny: Google celebrates Pride Month with Doodle American gay rights activist

Google Doodle celebrates American gay rights activist Frank Kameny. Who was he?

Frank Kameni started working for the US government as an astronomer in 1957, but was fired for being a homosexual. Know frank kameny biography.

Why is Frank Kameny on Google’s doodle today?

India: Frank Kameny had to struggle a lot for the work due to which he is on Google’s doodle today. Today, millions of people around the world are praying to him that he should become an important factor in the change in their social status.

Actually, Frank Kameni traveled from scientist to activist. It took him years, but his struggle led to an improvement in the lives and social status of millions of people around the world today. By raising voice for those people who considered them as a blot on the name of the society, they got legal recognition. Know frank kameny biography.

Frank Kameni started working for the US government as an astronomer in 1957, but was fired for being a homosexual.

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An astronomer, fought for rights if fired from the job.

Frank Kameni started raising his voice against this decision of the government. He approached the Supreme Court. Apart from this, for the first time in the 1960s, he came forward to demonstrate in support of homosexuals. Born in 1925 in Queens, New York, Frank Kameni is considered one of the most important influential faces fighting for the rights of gays, or LGBTQ. He was quick in reading and writing. At the age of 15, he got admission in Queens College to study physics. Became an astronomer, but due to circumstances, came forward as an activist for homosexuals, still kept the original work as an astronomer alive and shared many important information.

Also fought on behalf of the European Army in the Second World War.

Not only this, Frank Kamuni also took part in the Second World War. He fought on behalf of the European army. After leaving the army, he again went to Queen’s College and earned a bachelor’s degree in physics in 1948. After this, he took a doctorate degree from Harvard University for further studies. He was working as an astronomer, but was fired while working in the Army Map Service, after everyone found out he was gay.

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Demonstrated in front of White House and Pentagon, also come into politics.

In 1965, Frank Kameni protested outside the White House and later the Pentagon to raise his voice. However, 10 more people joined him as part of the demonstration. He then created the nation’s first gay rights advocacy group after the Stonewall violence. After this he turned to politics to get legal recognition of rights and to keep his rights firmly. In 1971, Kameni became the first homosexual to run for the US Congress. In view of these struggles, he came to be called the leader of homosexual rights. In 2009, nearly 50 years after being fired, the US government formally apologized to Kameni. This was also his big victory.

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