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Covid Toes: What is Covid Toes? Knows about the symptoms of it

Covid Toes: Corona virus affected the people lives in many different ways. The virus attacked from respiratory health to many vital organs of the body, the SARs-COV-2 virus has also affected people’s hands and toes. Even though it is not life threatening, but swelling of the fingers has to bear a lot of pains in human body which creates irritations and tension. This symptom of Covid is also known as ‘Covid Toes’. Recently a under 18 girl suffered from the symptoms of covid toes, which made it difficult her to walk and even wear shoes.

If you are unaware of this strange effects of covid toes or do not know much about it, then let’s know about it.

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What is Covid Toes actually?

The covid toes name is given According to the College of Podiatry, which in some people have swelling and redness of the toes due to corona virus. According to the scientific research, swelling can happen in the fingers of both hands and feet. In addition to causing sores, the fingers first turn red, then turns purple after some time. This can happen in any fingers of the human.

Is there any special reason behind this?

Till now, no one knows the specific reason behind the Covid Toes, however, the research is still going on. The researchers believe that when human body immune system react with the corona virus then covid toes infection occurs.

The other theory is that COVID toes may be a direct result of the SARs-CoV-2 virus. Walking barefoot in homes daily, lack of physical activity like regular exercise, gym and sedentary lifestyle are some of the reasons for this.

What are the symptoms associated with it?

Covid Toes: What is Covid Toes? Knows about the symptoms of it

According to the research many people found discoloration and swelling of the fingers of the feet or hands due to covid toes. It totally depends upon people some feel pain other do not. In other cases, swelling and discoloration of the fingers, covered toes may cause itching, pain and dry skin.

What is its treatment?

In most cases, fingers heal on their own. However, if it has not gotten better for a long time, then definitely see a doctor.

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