In Raj Kundra Adult Case, Poonam Pandey’s mobile number was leaked on adult app.

Poonam Pandey has recently spoken about Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra’s adult film case. Poonam Pandey has filed a petition in the High Court of Mumbai to file a case against Raj Kundra and all the people associated with his

This matter is related to his app, Poonam Pandey told that he was threatened and the contract was forcibly signed with her. It was written that I would have to shoot, pose and according to them I would be shown in a special way. If I do not agree to sign their contract, then they will leak my personal data.

Poonam pandey also said that I was not in the best position to sign the contract I want to terminate the contract, but they leaked my personal mobile number on the internet with the message that you guys just call me I would open all my clothes.

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After this message, I started getting thousands of call messages which were coming at the wrong time, some people called me obscene. They also started sending pictures.
Poonam further said, ‘I was not at my house. I had left the house. was hiding. I remember, I had spent some of my days at that time in a place called Oran, there. Spent some time elsewhere. I was just afraid that something would happen to me somewhere. The kind of objectionable and scary messages I used to get that I know where you are, I was a little scared at that time.

Poonam Pandey's mobile number was leaked

All the people started making unsolicited demands from me, I had even left my house so that nothing untoward should happen. Just imagine if Raj Kundra has the power to do this with me, while I am a well-known personality, then what is that with ordinary people? I would force.

Poonam Pandey has appealed to all the victim girls to come forward and expose the real face of Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra, husband of Shilpa Shetty was caught by the Mumbai police and he will be in police remand till 23 July.In Raj Kundra Adult Case, Poonam Pandey’s mobile number was leaked on adult app.

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Raj Kundra case news live updates: Raj Kundra sent to police custody till July 23

Raj Kundra had opened many secrets, he spoke many secrets about his ex-wife and Shilpa Shetty. Raj kundra arrested for pornography by Mumbai police.

Raj Kundra news, husband of Bollywood’s famous actress Shilpa Shetty, has been arrested by the Mumbai Police, he is accused of making a porn film.
Mumbai Police has arrested 11 people including Kundra on Monday night. Raj Kundra is always surrounded by lots of arguments about things from business to married life. He also has arguments with his ex- wife, Kavita.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is Raj Kundra’s second wife, Raj Kundra has also given the reason for his divorce from his first wife, he said that Kavita had an affair with her sister’s husband, that’s why Raj Kundra divorced Kavita.

Raj Kundra told that she used to live with his mother, his father, his sister and her husband in the same house as he was getting settled in the UK. Meanwhile, Kavita had come closer to my sister’s husband and used to spend more time with her. Raj Kundra told that his mother, father and even the driver also told him that something was going on with both Kavita and my sister’s husband. But Kundra told that he did not pay attention to anyone, then his sister and her husband came back to India because living together was not doing any good at home.


When Kundra Found a Phone of Kavita

When Raj Kundra’s brother-in-law came back to India, his sister was very happy because both used to go to work together with Kavita and her brother-in-law and lived together in the room. When Raj came to know that Kavita was pregnant, he was very happy. Kundra had a daughter from Kavita.

When those people came home, Kavita started spending more time in the bathroom, Raj felt that maybe it was because of her Delivery Kundra told that one day his sister got a second phone of his husband and she called to raj from India in which her sister told that her husband has received a lot of lovely messages from another mobile number which is from uk, so Raj took that number from his sister and then raj took help from their friends to find out the owner of the number, it came to know that the number belonged to Kavita, then Raj’s heart was completely broken.

Raj Kundra case news live updates: Raj Kundra sent to police custody till July 23

Raj Kundra also told that one day when Kavita went shopping, she found Kavita’s phone in the bathroom, when she opened the phone, there were many messages from her brother-in-law’s side. The day cried a lot, then Raj told his sister that the UK number belongs to his ex-wife kavita due to which his pregnant sister was also heartbroken after hearing that she also did not want to stay with her husband.
Raj Kundra came to India and left his ex-wife Kavita with his 40-day-old daughter and brought home his sister and their child.

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Mumbai News: Tweeted and asked Mumbai Police- Can I get out of the house? Got this answer..

Mumbai, Curfew and Lockdown News Update: The tweet is becoming very viral in social media and people are enjoying the fun from Mumbai Police.

Mumbai News: Tweeted and asked Mumbai Police- Can I get out of the house? Got this answer

Mumbai News Update: The picture has been used only symbolically. (PTI)
Mumbai, Curfew and Lockdown News Update: The situation has started improving in Mumbai (Mumbai Covid-19 News), one of the worst affected cities of Corona virus epidemic in the country. A decrease is being recorded in cases of infection every day. 1,057 new cases were found in the city on Monday. These are 374 less than the cases a day earlier. BMC said that the number of infected with new cases has increased to 6,98,867. Looking at the situation about a month ago, the situation seems to be in a stable condition at present. The administration is also constantly appealing to the people that they should be removed from their homes only for necessary work. Mumbai Police

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In order to defeat the covid-19 infection, Mumbai Police is also appealing to all mumbai people to follow the new Corona virus Guidelines. People are constantly being appealed to follow social distancing and not to go out unnecessarily. The special thing is that the Mumbai Police is making this appeal in a fun manner. Today on Tuesday, Mumbai Police tweeted from its official Twitter handle and advised a man to stay in the house in a fun manner.

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In fact, the person tweeted and asked the police that his name is Sunny and whether he can get out of the house. He tweeted- ‘Sir, my name is Sunny. Can I go out. ‘Mumbai Police’s response to the tweet is funny. It said that if you are really the star in the center of the solar system, around which the earth and other components of the solar system revolve. We hope that you will feel the responsibility you are carrying out. Please do not compromise yourself by kindly exposing yourself to the Kovid-19 virus. In the tweet, Sunny was asked to become the sun of security.

The tweet is becoming very viral in social media and people are enjoying it fiercely. See the fun comments of people like this-

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Andrea Meza miss mexico Crowned Miss Universe 2021

Andrea Meza Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe 2021

After the pageant was delayed for a year thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, a winner of the Miss Universe 2021 pageant was crowned on time May 16, 2021.

#AndreaMeza #missmexico

Watch: How Miss Mexico Would Have Handled the COVID-19 Pandemic

And we have a replacement Miss Universe!

Delay After quite a year thanks to the coronavirus or covid-19 pandemic, the competition Miss Universe was finally persisted May 16 at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Hollywood, Fla. it had been hosted by former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and Mario Lopez, who won the 2012 crown, and featured a special and top biggest performance by Luis Fonsi.

Taking home the last word crown this year was Miss Mexico Andrea Meza who wowed the choice community together with her beauty and brains.

During the last and final statement round, When Miss Mexico was last time asked to deal with the subject of adjusting beauty standards. “We sleep in a society that more and more is more advanced and as we’ve advanced as a society, we’ve advanced with stereotypes,” she shared via translator. “Nowadays, beauty isn’t only the way we glance . For me, all beauty related radiates not only in our spirits, but in our hearts and therefore the way we conduct ourselves. Never permit someone to inform you that you simply aren’t valuable.”

And just minutes before, Miss Mexico Andrea Meza also faced the ultimate round question where she was asked to share how she would have handled the this world most dramatic COVID-19 pandemic.

Miss Universe 2021, Miss Universe Panama, Swimwear
Miss Universe 2021: Swimsuit Competition

“I believe there’s not an ideal thanks to handle this difficult situation like COVID-19,” Andrea Meza explained. “However, i think from my heart that what i might have done was create the lockdown in pandemic even initially was that always big because we lost numerous lives at this point and that we cannot afford that. we’ve to always lookout of our precious people. That’s why i might have taken care all of them since the start .”

Miss Universe 2021, Miss Universe Mexico, Swimwear, Widget

Before the this show, Paula M. Shugart, who is the president of the Miss Universe Organization, addressed the covid-19 pandemic and the way the sweetness pageant was staying fully safe. during a statement, she explained everything, “We have spent an excessive amount of time months planning and preparing about safety precautions to develop this 2021 edition of Miss Universe—one which will be always memorable, special and totally innovative.”

All the sweetness queens from world 74 countries and territories competed successfully in tonight’s pageant, however just 21 contestants advanced to the ultimate round. After first competing here within the swimsuit contest, which you’ll see all the photos from here, 10 moved on to the dinner dress competition. From all Five contestants were selected to participate within the next round question and answer round.

The last time the Miss Universe pageant was held was in 2019, when Miss South Africa , aka Zozibini Tunzi, took home the last word prize. Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson was the primary runner-up and Miss Mexico Sofía Aragón was the second runner-up.

Miss Mexico Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2021
Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images
At the time, Zozibini really impressed the judges together with her answer to the question, “What is that the most vital thing we should always be teaching girls today?”

She replied during a statement,

“The most vital thing i feel we should always be teaching young and new girls today is leadership area. It’s something that has been lacking in teen girls or new young women and ladies for a really while . Not because only we do not want to, but because what society has labelled women to be. consistent with me girls and ladies are the foremost and most powerful beings within the world.”

Of passing the torch to her successor, during a statement Zozibini said, “I always knew that my reign as Miss Universe would be unlike the other . While it had been nothing like what I had imagined my year to be, this year has opened doors for my opportunity seriously I could never have imagined this type of biggest thing. i’m so grateful for the primary time opportunity to attach fully virtually with people of everywhere the planet and elevate the causes I care most about.”

miss universe 2021 miss universe 2021 live america vs pachuca miss universe andrea meza miss universe 2020 miss universe 2021 winner what channel is miss universe 2021 who won miss universe 2021 rabiya mateo miss universe 2021 miss universe 2021 channel olivia culpotele mundo mario lopez miss mexico 2021 when is miss universe 2021 miss universe 2021 contestants where to watch miss universe 2021 miss universe 2021 schedule carlos ponce miss peru 2021 quien gano miss universe 2021 fyi channel miss usa 2021