About Us

News Darshan Network

The News Darshan Network is India’s most respected and diversified media conglomerate that has created an enviable legacy of trust, leadership and admiration since the group’s inception over four decades ago. The launch of the News Darshan Website and App in 2020 set the beginning of the group’s journey into a multi brand, multi-platform and multi vertical media group, with brands that command undisputed leadership across categories.

The group, through its years of consistent focus on journalistic and editorial excellence, has become the epitome for the Gold Standard of Journalism and has become a barometer for trust, integrity and excellence in journalism across Website and App, Print and Digital.

The group publishes the nation’s No.1 Website and App – News Darshan, the nation’s No.2 Website and App and No.1 Hindi Website and App – News Darshan Hindi, the No. 1 Business Website and App – Business , besides Indian editions of leading international titles all of which command leadership status. The group has four leading 24-hour news channels including News Darshan India App, the nation’s undisputed No.1 Hindi News channel for 1 year in a row and News Darshan Website and App, the nation’s leading English News Channel. The newspaper- Mail , a media institute – News Darshan Media Institute, that caters to industry-ready, skilled talent in broadcast journalism and the prestigious Thomson Press are also part of the diversified media group.

The forward thinking spirit of the group has seen it extensively leveraging the power of digital and social media. The digital initiatives of the group are not only the fastest growing, but have also become key tools for amplifying other businesses of the group.

The group has also launched a portfolio of 9 niche digital channels across platforms under the umbrella of Mobiletak.in. This launch unleashes a new era for the group in the mobile space with a clear focus on video content made especially for viewing on the mobile device.

The integrated newsroom of the group fuels the editorial might across Website and App, print, online, mobile, apps and social media leading to rapid growth.

The group is credited with changing the face of journalism in India with its pioneering initiatives. The group continues to set new milestones with the launch of thought leadership events like the News Darshan Poll, News Darshan India, Poet News Darshan India, News Darshan Kings, Local News Darshan India, News Darshan Global Discussion and many more.

The consistent focus on the Gold Standard of Journalism along with the implementation of best practices and the latest technology, continues to keep the group as the most preferred content source for the Indian audience by delivering India to the world and the world to India.