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72 killed, over 140 injured in Kabul airport bomb blast; America said – We will take revenge

72 killed in serial blast at Kabul airport.

So far 72 people have died in the serial blasts at Kabul airport bomb blast. Along with this, 143 people have been injured in this attack. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Islamic State Khorasan is behind the attack on the airport.

Kabul, Agencies. The death toll in a series of bomb blasts outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital on Thursday, continues to rise. So far 72 people have died in this blast while more than 140 people are said to be injured. The world’s dreaded terrorist organization ISIS-K has taken responsibility for this suicide attack. Twelve US security personnel, including 11 Marine commandos and a medic, have also been killed in two successive bombings and some gunmen firing at the crowd. 143 people, including women, security personnel and Taliban guards, were injured in the attack of Kabul airport bomb blast.

Meanwhile, America said that we will not forgive those responsible for this attack. President Joe Biden has said that America will take revenge. The price will have to be paid.

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Biden said – we will find you and kill you

Regarding this attack, US President Joe Biden has attacked those responsible for the attack and said that we will find them and kill them. You have to pay the price for it. President Joe Biden told the attackers of Kabul – we will not forgive you, we will not forget. We will find and hunt you and you will have to pay the price. However, US President Joe Biden said there was no evidence so far of collusion between the Taliban and Islamic State in the Kabul airport attacks.

Speaking at the White House, US President Joe Biden said that we will rescue American citizens trapped in Afghanistan. We will take out our Afghan allies and our mission will continue. More than 100,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since August 14, according to an AFP news agency report quoting the White House. The US has pulled out of Afghanistan out of 7,500 people in the last 24 hours.

Even before this, these terrorists have carried out many suicide bombings.
ISIS Khorasan is notorious in Afghanistan, its hand is in Kabul airport bomb blast; Taliban is also an enemy.

US President Joe Biden on Thursday (local time) ordered that the US flag be displayed at the White House and on all public buildings and grounds at all military posts and naval stations by the central government until August 30 to honor the victims of the Kabul attack. And half will be flown on all naval ships.

Amarullah Saleh put the Taliban in the dock

Several people have been killed in two successive bomb blasts outside Kabul airport.
Serial bombings outside Kabul airport, 72 killed including 12 US soldiers, more than 140 injured, IS took responsibility.

Amrullah Saleh, who was the Vice President of Afghanistan, has put the Taliban and Pakistan in the dock in the case of the horrific suicide attack by the terrorist organization ISIS at Kabul Airport. Saleh said that all the evidence we have shows that the roots of ISIS fighters are particularly linked to the Taliban and the Haqqani network. He also targeted Pakistan. “All the evidence we have right now suggests that IS-K members have their roots in the Taliban and especially the Haqqani network, which is currently active in Kabul,” Saleh tweeted. The Taliban reject their ties with ISIS, but in a similar fashion to what Pakistan treats to the Taliban’s Quetta Shura. The Taliban have learned a lot from their master (Pakistan).

Over 72 killed in explosion at Kabul airport

72 killed, over 140 injured in Kabul airport bomb blast; America said - We will take revenge

Blast in Kabul Airport: Eyewitness told, I saw doomsday with my own eyes

India has also strongly condemned the two blasts in the Afghan capital late Thursday evening. In its response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that we condemn the bombings in Kabul. Expressing condolences to the people killed in this terrorist incident, it has been said that after this attack it has become more necessary that the whole world unites against terrorism and those who give safe refuge to terrorists.

Russia says that a decision has not yet been taken on recognizing the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Russia said on Afghanistan crisis – no decision yet on recognizing Taliban, the situation will be closely monitored

Two suicide bombers and gunmen targeted the crowd near Kabul airport. The responsibility of which has been taken by the terrorist organization ISIS Khorasan, which is known as ISIS-K. A US official says that it is certainly believed.

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